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Homemade Nutella Fiasco

Oh my….I have another misadventure to share and I hope you don’t hold it against me. The artist that I am, my approach to cooking is sometimes like my approach to art – rules are not rules so much as guidelines. Well sometimes when cooking from a recipe you should follow it to the letter, especially where chocolate is concerned. I tried making homemade nutella from this recipe I found at Chatelaine Magazine: I toasted the hazelnuts for about 4 minutes and some of them looked too toasted and others not toasted enough. I think my oven has an uneven heat problem. So I rubbed the skins off as directed and popped them in the processor. I finely ground them but after about  20 min. of pulsing they would not turn creamy. I added the honey and the chocolate anyway and pulsed and pulsed some more, to no avail. I’ve seen a few recipe on for homemade nutella and they sometimes call for oil  or icing sugar so I added a bit of both to try to achieve that much sought after creamy consistency. I think it made things worst. Other recipes call for milk so I figured I’d give that a try. I microwaved some chocolate chips and half and half together and added that. The mixture became so thick it nearly seized my processor! After about 40min of working on this concoction I gave up with nothing to show for it but a greasy, grainy barely chocolately mess. 😦

I think the chocolate actually “seized”. Perhaps I should have let the nuts cool? Or used the small bowl on the processor and not the multi-purpose blade? And I should have kept going with the pulsing until I got the creamy consistency I was looking for. As with many recipes I think you have to make them once, learn from any mistakes and then try again. I love nutella so much I’m not giving up on this dream. Stay tuned.


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