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Sens Strawberry Sensation

Before you ask, no, I am not giving up on my sugar-free diet. This dessert is made with Splenda! I wanted something to soothe my hockey heartbreak. The Ottawa Senators got put out by the New York Rangers last night. The boys fought valiantly but they lost 2-1. It was especially heartbreaking because our captain Daniel Alfredsson is likely to retire, so last night may have been his last game ūüė¶ They made it all way to the finals in 2007 but they have yet to win the cup, and neither has Alfie. He’s been with the team 17 years and Ottawa loveds him for his loyalty and dedication. When he does leave he will be greatly missed by all Sens fans, including myself. I layed in bed last night trying to figure out what to make to honour Alfie and the Sens¬† – something with our colours of red and white with a bit of black. This is what I came up with – layers of strawberry puree, sugarfree no-bake cheesecake mixture and dark chocolate ganache. The first parfait I made looked great and while I was setting up to photograph it my homemade reflector fell on top of it and ruined it! So this one is ok but I misjudged the amount of ingredients so it’s short on cheesecake. I think it would be best with equal amounts of berries and cheesecake.

To make the parfaits I pureed the berries with a bit of spenda to make the berry layer; for the cheesecake layer I softed 1/2 block of cream cheese and added about 2 cups of whipped topping and a bit more splenda, and for the chocolate ganache I zapped in the microwave some heavy cream and Lindt 80% dark chocolate and mixed them together until smooth (with more splenda to taste). All you do is layer the ingredients however you like and then top with more whipped topping and a strawberry. You can make this dessert either sugarfree and/or super low carb by using real whipped cream and whichever sweeteners you like. I’ve tried agave nectar whichi s pretty good. Stevia is also popular but I’m not a huge fan myself. You can cut the fat by using low-fat or fat-free cream cheese but that ups the carbs. If you don’t care about any of that, just use regular cream cheese and sugar!

Congratulations to the Ottawa Senators for a great season overall. To my favourite players: Karlsson, you’re amazing! About 5-6 times last night I found myself saying “OH MY GOD!” because of some of the outstanding¬† moves you made. Congratulations on your nomination for the Norris trophy. Anderson, you’re right, Lundqvist only beat you by¬†one puck. Neil, you’re a badass and you play with heart. Alfie, congratulations on your nomination for the Masterson trophy. If you’re health can handle it, please stay another year! We love you! Go Sens Go!!!


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