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Crafty Cups

Before and After

Detail – I left the rim as is in case it’s not a good idea to keep licking Sharpies!


I may have mentioned before that I am a Pinterest addict? There are so many clever ideas on that site I keep scrolling down and down, so sure that something super cool is just a mouse flick away and I don’t want to miss it. lol One of the neatest things I’ve seen on there is cup craft. Basically you draw onto your ceramic cup with a Sharpie marker, bake it for 30 minutes at 350and it’s ready to use – it’s as simple  as that! I tried it with non-Sharpie markers and some of the ink rubbed off so I bought actual Sharpie brand silver, fine tip markers and tried again. It’s amazing! Not a single smudge. I baked them to be safe, then tried washing it off with soapy water and it didn’t budge. So cool! I had these hideous dishes that my friend Frank gave me about 12 years ago when he moved and they’re my last resort dishes (sorry Frank) but now they look kinda neat 🙂 So, if you’ve seen the same pin on Pinterest and wanted to know if it was worth trying, it totally is. Enjoy!


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