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Homemade Nutella – Take 2

Yet another Nutella misadventure – perhaps the universe is telling me something. My kitchen looks like a tornado hit a hazelnut processing plant on its way to my house – skins everywhere! I was afraid of burning them in the oven so I kept taking them out and removing the skins from the toasted ones, then putting the rest back in. I probably did that 4 times. And I tried making the hazelnut butter in the full-sized bowl of my Kitchenaid food processor but I must have attached the blade incorrectly because about 2 minutes into mixing, it wouldn’t spin anymore. I took it apart and a nut and washer fell out of the blade. It looked to be rusted so perhaps I washed it but it didn’t dry fast enough and it rusted up the washer, causing the whole thing to fall apart. Anyway, I put the nuts in the mini-bowl instead and this time it finally worked – I made hazelnut butter! (After what seemed like an hour of stopping every 20 seconds to scrap down the sides. Annoying as heck.)

Combining the melted chocolate and the Eagle Brand milk was also a little iffy. The milk was cooler than the chocolate so when I added some the chocolate started to harden. I was afraid it was going to seize so I stopped and warmed the milk, tempered a little with the chocolate and then added it. When I tried adding that mixture to the nut butter, things looked like they were going to seperate again and it was so thick it seized my food processor. I added more warm milk to the chocolate mixture, then added the nut butter by hand.

What I ended up with was uber-thick, sticky sweet, chocolate hazelnut flavoured, hot fudge sauce. It’s not exactly Nutella but it’s still yummy. I think I would serve it warm as a topping for ice cream. When cooled it turns into a solid and is impossible to spread on toast. Perhaps I’ll add a llittle more milk to see if that helps. Overall, if you’re looking to make cheaper, non-processed Nutella, this recipe isn’t it. If you want a more sophisticated hot fudge sauce, this would fit the bill.

Homemade Nutella

(From The Eccentric Cook blog) Makes enough for 3 jars

200 g Hazelnuts

1 can Condensed Milk

255 g Chocolate – the darker the better

1/2 cup hot Milk

Roast the hazelnuts for about 10-15 minutes either in the oven or in a dry pan over the heat. When the nuts are ready put them on a tray or a magazine and let them cool down a little. Once they are not hot anymore, place them in the food processor and start processing them. It will be quite a while, if you don’t have a very professional machine, like me. The hazelnuts will become Hazelnut butter.When you’re done with this, start bringing water to a boil. Place a big bowl over the water and melt the chocolate. When the chocolate has melted, pour the condensed milk in. Mix them together. Then get ready to add the mixture to the hazelnut butter and process it some more. Add the hot milk if you find it too dense. But if you like it thick, then you can leave the milk out. When it is creamy enough, Nutella has been created!


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  1. Don’t know if I’m as brave as you to try making this, but I absolutely love Nutella.


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