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Ottawa’s Glebe Neighborhood Review

                                                                    Photo by Marcel Mason.

                                                                          Street view

                                                         A paper art installation?

Ottawa now has a Marble Slab Creamery! I had never heard of this ice cream chain before and came across it while visiting the Ottawa neighbourhood, “the Glebe” a few weeks ago. Oh my goodness it’s so incredibly creamy, I can’t even begin to describe it in mere words…I’m in love. They have ice cream “cupcakes” too but you can only by 6 at a time and if I do, I would surely eat them all in one sitting. They have so many yummalicious flavours and “mixins” the variations are virtually endless. I tried red velvet ice cream with fudge brownie mixed in and it was divine 🙂

Places like this are why I adore the Glebe. I go there once in a while to grab a gelato or some handmade chocolate. Then I walk down Clemow St. along Patterson Creek and to the Rideau Canal. My daughter loves the outdoors and she was especially tickled with this neighborhood. It was her nap time and no way would she fall asleep. She wanted to see everything. It is a lovely place for a stroll. The streets are lined with 100 year old homes with tiny plots out front, most often displaying a quaint garden and large old oak and maple trees. Patterson Creek is a tucked away stretch of water that connects to the canal, and today there were people just sitting on park benches watching the ducks, or picnicking under the trees to escape the summer sun. At the canal itself, it’s much busier, with bikers and joggers, or people like me taking a stroll. Tourist boats ride up and down all day, as well as power boats, and a canoe or kayak here and there. The weeping willows are especially lovely this time of year, especially with the late evening sun setting behind them. Walking through here I dream of winning the lotto and buying a home there! lol

The area is a great foodie hangout as well. The Glebe Emporium has every kitchen gadget imaginable and is also a Paderno cookware distributor. There are tons of great little restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops including one of Ottawa’s first cupcakery’s The Flour Shoppe. Just down the street from the Marble Slab is a local candy and chocolate shop Truffle Treasures and they make mouthwatering salted caramel gelato. Feleena’s is also a nice place to stop for Mexican food and a daiquiri on the patio. The neighborhood is scheduled for another makeover in the coming years, with the re-design of Lansdowne Park, the home of the city’s former football stadium. If you’re from Ottawa, or are planning on visiting soon, come check out this lovely section of the city.


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