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3rd Annual Chocopalooza!

As a single girl, I’ve kind of given up on celebrating Valentine’s day. Instead I celebrate one of it’s most important elements – chocolate!!! I decided about 3 years ago that I wasn’t going to get depressed about not having someone to spoil me on Valentine’s day, I was going to spoil myself and allow myself to eat all the chocolate I wanted without feeling guilty. That was the year I made the Chocolate Griddle Cakes for breakfast, then Chocolate Dulce de Leche Bars for dessert. I skipped a year when I was pregnant because chocolate wasn’t really agreeing with me during that time. Strange but true, although it probably kept me from gaining an obscene amount of weight! lol Last year I made Nutella Banana French Toast. This year I want to go all out and have chocolate with brunch, dinner, dessert and maybe even drinks! And this year I am officially giving my holiday a name – Heather’s Annual Chocopalooza!

Here’s how the menu is looking so far:

Brunch: Chocolate Waffles with Cream Cheese Drizzle and Nutella Covered Bacon (Mmmm…chocolate bacon *drool*)

Dinner: Chicken Mole

Drinks: Spanish Hot Chocolate or maybe a Chocolate Martini

Dessert: Nutella Truffles or  Nigella Lawson’s Dense Chocolate Cake or S’more’s Pie

I can’t decide on dessert. What would you guys like to see?



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Cupcake obsessed foodie from Ottawa, ON, Canada

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