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Cauliflower “Rice”

Oh my goodness I’ve eaten so much Easter chocolate in the past few days it should be illegal! I bought a bunch of it on sale at the drugstore with plans to ration it. Ya right. It will be gone by tomorrow. If I could live off Lindor chocolates I would. Well now I have to do some damage control. I’m a fan of and one of girls in their circle is Sarah Fit:, and that’s where I got the idea for Cauliflower “Rice”. You finely chop or grate cauliflower and substitute that for rice. What a brilliant idea! You can cut a ton of calories and carbs this way. A cup of rice is around 200 calories but cauliflower is only 50 calories per cup! You can steam it, or microwave it for about 3 minutes, or I just stir-fried it for a couple of minutes before I added some other ingredients to make a quick version of fried rice. You get all the delicious flavours without the extra calories and carbs. You can use this for any rice based Asian recipes, Indian recipes, or red beans and rice for example. The options are practically endless.  Love it!



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