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Review – Vegetarian on U of O Campus

The vegetarian restaurant “Perfection – Satisfaction – Promise” I believe used to be called the Painted Potato. I ate there a number of years ago and tried one of their potatoes topped with chili, if I remember correctly. I remember actually liking it, despite my near carnivorous leanings. When I was in the neighborhood last week I decided to drop in again. I nearly walked right by it because I couldn’t  find a sign out front, except for their daily specials board. They are located on Laurier Ave. East between the Royal Oak and the fire station. It’s a tiny spot with limited seating and it’s fairly busy during the lunch rush. I wanted something light so I grabbed a couple of baked samosas instead of the potato and they were great. The service was friendly and they brought the food to my table, served on actual plates with real forks and knives as opposed to plastic and styrofoam. They don’t carry Pepsi or Coke but do have San Pellegrino sodas in lemon (limonata), or blood orange (aranciata rossa) as well as Kombucha teas. They also have some yummy looking desserts and free wi-fi outside of peak lunch hour. It’s too bad they don’t have a location in the Byward Market, closer to the Rideau Centre, because it can be difficult finding reasonably priced, healthier fare downtown.

Check out their website.




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