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Cookie Tips & Tricks

I’ve stumbled upon a couple of cool cookie tricks that I hadn’t seen before and thought I’d share them with you. They are in the Holiday Baking guide, put together by Cooking Club and Baker’s Joy. Sorry about the quality of the photo but the zoom feature doesn’t allow for screen sized shots. The top left photo you can see they are using the top of a cooking spray can to cut out cookies. If the cookies stick you squeeze the lid and the cookie pops out. How clever is that! The next tip is to use a melon baller or a round measuring spoon to make indentations for thumbprint cookies. Next, they show how you can use a meat tenderizer to make the pattern for peanut butter cookies. And I think we’ve all seen the ketchup bottle trick for icing cookies. The last one is so simple, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it – using a square of parchment paper under your glass when flattening cookie dough! I hope some of these tips help make your holiday season a little easier.

Here’s a link to the free digital copy:


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