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Immune Boosting Soup

I’ve been having a terrible week. It started off with a snow/ice day on Monday which normally would have been great but I have no leave left at work. Then on Wednesday I got sick with muscle aches, headache, and fever. I took my daughter to the clinic to get her flu shot and I got tested to see if I indeed had the flu but I won’t know the results right away. Yesterday I stayed home and vegged on the couch and finally got around to watching Moneyball which I rather liked (Mmm…Brad Pitt!) Today I’m back at work but I’m still feeling weak and lightheaded 😦 I did some poking around on the net and found a recipe for healing soups on the Dr. Oz site. I think I’ll give it a try tomorrow and I’ll post an update later with reviews on taste and effectiveness if applicable 🙂 Have any of you tried this soup or something similar?

Immune-Boosting Soup

Your immune system needs a lot of minerals to function properly and the typical Western diet does not always hit the mark. Keep in mind that boiling can destroy half of the vitamins found in vegetables, so cook soup over a low heat.

Simmer these ingredients for 30 minutes to 1 hour: cabbage, carrots, fresh ginger, onion, oregano, shiitake mushrooms (if dried, they must be soaked first), the seaweed of your choice, and any type of squash in chicken or vegetable stock. Cabbage can increase your body’s ability to fight infection, ginger supports healthy digestion, and seaweed cleanses the body. Shiitake mushrooms contain coumarin, polysaccharides and sterols, as well as vitamins and minerals that increase your immune function; the remaining ingredients promote general health and wellbeing. Eat this soup every other day to build a strong and healthy immune system.




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