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Reviews: Tourtiere and Cookies

Last week was another crazy busy week, mainly because the Northern Lights Trade Show started on Wednesday, plus there was a closing dinner for the Sakahàn Youth projects. I wasn’t home in the evening from Wednesday to Saturday. I ate way too much food court junk, but I also had some lovely bison ragout at the dinner on Wednesday and yesterday at Farm Boy I bought a premade tourtière (French Canadian meat pie). It was really good! Lightly spiced but not overpowering and went really well with good ol’ ketchup. Even Little Miss M loved it.  If you don’t have the ingredients or the patience to make your own, and you live in Eastern Ontario, I definitely recommend it.

I also stopped in to Second Cup with my buddy Mr. M and I bought a raspberry stained glass cookie which was also super scrumptious. The cookie itself was soft and melted in your mouth, and the jam was firm and sweet. Dangerous! I’m glad I only bought one. But they’ve inspired me for Valentine’s Day. For the last few years I’ve renamed it Chocopalooza and made only chocolate treats, but I might make an exception this year and search out a stained glass cookie recipe. In Newfoundland and Labrador they are also called Cut Glass cookies. 


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