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Epic Macaron Fail!

Well Chocopalooza was a bust 😦  I went to pick up groceries on Thursday night but the Metro grocery didn’t have dulce de leche and their Nutella was too expensive so I thought I would go to No Frills on Friday instead. Friday morning I woke up to a newly fallen batch of snow and it snowed and snowed for the rest of the day. By evening it still hadn’t been cleared from the sidewalks and there was maybe a foot of snow on my step. There was no way I could get the stroller over to the bus stop with the sidewalks in that condition so my groceries had to wait until Saturday. No Strawberry Nutella sandwiches – no Hot Spiked Dulce De Leche. 😦 I made my French Macarons instead.

I had read a couple of recipes during the day but decided on this one from Fine Cooking magazine. I started separating eggs for the meringue and off course the second yolk broke and ruined my whites and I had to start again so I ended up with some egg to make French toast in the morning and some yolks to make Pots De Creme so it wasn’t all bad. I think I may have whipped my whites too much because the batter seemed really thick so I piped them out and they were sort of like spirals instead of mounds but I baked them anyway. Turns out I had the temperature in my head from the recipe I had read earlier, which was too hot. My cookies spread out and browned too quickly, ending up looking like pink crinkle cookies! Man are they ugly! But they tasted pretty good, all things considered. I made a strawberry ganache based on a recipe for raspberry ganache which was delish. I think I’ll have another go at making macarons for Easter.

I am rather embarassed to be posting these pics, but in case anyone else has tried these and failed as badly as me, then misery loves company. lol


Here’s a link to the original recipe on the Fineooking Magazine website:



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