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Brunch Menu Planning

Oh man, what a week I’ve had – and not in a good way. Last Saturday my daughter and I were at an outdoor event and she ended up soaked to the bone after jumping in the puddles. That night she developed a very high fever to the point she was delirious. I took her to the children’s hospital and we waited to see a doctor from 2am – 7am! That was bad enough, but it caused me to miss the Olympic gold medal hockey game! It’s a miracle I didn’t sue! lol I went to sleep after the first period and it took me about 3 days to get my sleep back on track. She’s been refusing to eat anything besides cereal, and I’ve been too tired to cook, plus she’s been extra clingy, wanting to sit in my lap pretty much all day ūüė¶ I had to take her to the doctor’s again on Thursday and what began as a virus turned into a bacterial ear infection. After a day of taking antibiotics she was nearly back to herself. Today she’s great but now I’m sick! To avoid cooking this week, I just baked a family pack of bone-in chicken breast and will probably make more chicken soup, salads and whatever to keep us going until we’re both healthy.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the beginning of spring and a nice Easter meal. I thought I’d share this helpful brunch planning guide. When searching for a photo I found this wonderful blog post from “Celebrations at Home” which is very creative and inspiring. It would be lovely to do for any special occasion.

Photo from Celebrations at Home.


For scrambled, whisk up two eggs per person and add a touch of cream for an extra decadent, fluffy scramble. Another simple way to serve omelets is to offer two pre-set options; one with ham, cheese and onions, for example, and one with just vegetables. Quiche is also a classic.

Pancakes and Waffles

Classic pancakes can be made in advance and kept warm in the oven until ready to serve.¬†Here’s a foolproof waffle recipe to try. Waffles.¬†

Bacon and Sausage

Perfect bacon, for instance, simply needs to be cooked slowly at a low heat to achieve the coveted crispness. [I bake mine in the oven] While everyone loves bacon, find some unexpected meats to serve for brunch. Ask your butcher about varieties of farmer’s sausage, or look for breakfast patties made of chicken, turkey or venison. Opt for thick cut bacon or pea meal.

French Toast

French toast¬†is traditionally made from day-old bread, and it’s actually better made with stale bread than with fresh. The reason: Stale bread will absorb more of the custard mixture than fresh bread will. If all you have is fresh bread, try toasting it very slightly beforehand.


Pan fried, cubed potatoes which are often called hash browns or home fries depending on where you live, are a classic brunch side dish. You could also make hash browns with shredded potato.

Muffins or Scones

Your favorite muffin or scone recipe would be a great addition to any buffet table. If you’re curious about the difference between British and American scones, click here.


One of the most popular alcoholic drinks to enjoy with brunch is the Mimosa, which traditionally mixes champagne and fresh orange juice in equal parts. To shake up this old favorite, try substituting strawberry, pineapple or mango juice in place of the orange. Use ginger ale in place of champagne for children and non-drinkers. Garnish with fresh fruit.


Specialty coffees are also a wonderfully warming drink option. Simply brew up a pot of strong coffee (you’ll probably already be doing this for the coffee drinkers in the crowd so make a little extra if you plan to serve coffee cocktails too). Rim your mugs with sugar by taking a lemon wedge and running it around the lip of the cup.

Don’t forget to pick up some good quality fruit juice! And green tea helps with digestion, which will probably be a godsend after a Sm√∂rg√•sbord¬†such as this! Speaking of which, studies show that rather than sitting or laying on the couch like a beached whale, it’s better to take a short walk after a large meal, to also aid digestion. Who woulda thunk?


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