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Crazy for Cast Iron!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I got results back from my doc and I am anemic. 😦 I’ve been researching way to get more iron in my diet without having to eat too much red meat. Oatmeal is surprisingly good, as well as good ol’ lentils. But I had forgotten about one neat little trick – cooking in cast iron can increase the iron content of your meal by up to 20 times! And it’s heat retention is legendary. Last night I made a chicken stir-fry for my daughter’s birthday dinner and it was so good. I was saying to Mr. M that I wish I had measured everything because I don’t remember what I did to make it so yummy, then it clicked! I had used my cast iron skillet! I am a true believer now 🙂

I’ve been collecting information and recipes and adding them to a Pinterest album so if you’re curious or you want to request that I try a particular recipe, here’s the link: Crazy for Cast Iron 

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