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Engagement Ring Options

No, I am not engaged, but it looks like someone in my immediate family /friends circle might soon be. 😉  I’m just posting this for any young couples out there that might be interested in having a beautiful ring without the huge price tag. Once I learned about how the diamond companies operate, I have been a huge advocate of conflict free diamonds and diamond alternatives. In these trying economic times, it pays to look into your options. I’ve done a lot of research online about diamond alternatives and more economic diamonds, then created this handy guide. There are price comparisons for natural diamonds, enhanced white and enhanced blue diamonds, lab created diamonds, Moissanite, and diamond “hybrids”. With all these great choices out there, I think everyone from any tax bracket can find a ring they love.

Here’s a great article as well, from the New Zealand Herald with links to a Huffington Post. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? 😉 Fun little excerpt:

The De Beers marketing machine continued to churn out the hits. They circulated marketing materials suggesting, apropos of nothing, that a man should spend one month’s salary on a diamond ring. It worked so well that De Beers arbitrarily decided to increase the suggestion to two months salary. That’s why you think that you need to spend two month’s salary on a ring — because the suppliers of the product said so.

Note: All rings are about .69-.75 carat weight or equivalent. I have seen moissanite in person and absolutely love it! It has beautiful sparkle and tons of fire.

Some sources: 

Update, September 2, 2015: I’ve been researching Amora Gem Ultra and it looks quite lovely. It is from the moissanite family of gems but is whiter, and it seems to have nicer cuts as well. It’s a bit more expensive than moissanite but if your’e thinking of getting something larger than 1 – 1.5 carats it might be worth it. It’s still less expensive than a genuine lab created diamond. Check out some videos on YouTube and I think you’ll be intrigued.

Click below for PDF document


Moissanite ring set in rose gold in etsy shop RosadosBox

I absolutely love sparkly rings and am thinking I might use that as an incentive to finally get off my butt and start working out and eating better. If I get to my goal weight I would treat myself to a lovely right hand ring. What do you think? Have any of you tried this type of reward system for weight loss? Did it work?


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  1. I am a jeweller in New Zealand who has been using moissanite for nearly 8 years.I love the stuff!
    i wear it myself and whilst I work in diamonds too,the ugly side of the industry really upsets my ethics.
    Please check out my work-and fire any questions you may have about moissanite my way!



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