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Weekend Excursion

Well my healthy eating kind of fell to the wayside this weekend. We were out and about on Saturday so Miss M wanted her A&W chicken and fries so I had just a Mozzaburger without a drink or side, which wasn’t too bad I suppose. Sunday was a total write-off though. Mr. M came over and we went for a road trip to Merrickville and then South to Brockville (just across from Morristown NY.) We stopped first at the Kemptville Family Restaurant for brunch where I had a Nutella and fruit topped waffle and Miss M had surprisingly good pancakes. In Merrickville we had ice cream at the quaint little shop Downtowne Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe. It’s a great little place if you’re ever in the neighbourhood. Apparently Merrickville has been officially “dubbed Canada’s Most Beautiful Village by Communities in Bloom.” I have no idea what “communities in bloom” is but it sounds prestigious. 🙂

The stone ruins and the museum were a lot of fun and we got to see the canal locks in action. Miss M was more interested in watching the family of geese! For me, visiting the museum and seeing how people lived a couple of hundred years ago makes me appreciate how easy we have it today, that’s for sure. I like my electric washer and dryer thank-you very much! In Brockville we just hung out on the dock and watched the power boats, sailboats and jet ski’s go by. Miss M was asleep for most of that but had great fun waving at the Sea-doo guy when she woke up. 🙂 I was planning out making pork and roasted garlic burgers for dinner but realized I didn’t roast the garlic and we were too hungry to wait so we just stopped and got some chicken/bacon/mushroom pizza. All and all it was a relaxing, late spring day. I’m daydreaming a little too much about buying a house in the country. Maybe someday, you never know I’ll pack it all up and run away. 😉

View of Morristown from Brockville.


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