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Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken


Photo: Recipe link below.

I think I pinned this recipe when I first discovered Pinterest about 4 years ago and I’m kicking myself now for not making it sooner! Holy smokes this was delicious! It sounds rather unassuming – so simple with no fancy ingredients but it all comes together to create this mouthwatering creation. I’m still thinking about this morning, and wondering how long I should wait before making it again. I cut down on the thyme and the sage, but other than that I made it as is, although I split the recipe so that it made only 2 servings. It was just me and my friend Steve. Miss M. was having none of it, even though I made some for her without the sauce and it looked and tasted exactly like a chicken finger. That’s ok. More for me! Mwahahahaa! *All star recipe*


As requested by creator of this lovely recipe, Mr. Barry C Parsons, I haven’t included the recipe but you can find it on his blog. Thank-you Mr. Parsons for sharing. It truly is delicious:



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  1. Wow! You have Newfoundland roots but you steal the work of another Newfoundlander. Not cool. Remove this or I will file a DCMA report with your hosting service for copyright infringement. Same goes for anything else you’ve stolen from Rock

  2. You should give credit to the original writer of this recipe. Pinning something doesn’t give ownership. Not cool.

  3. Credit ain’t gonna cut it. She’s well within the definition of copyright infringement here. This is not only copyrighted online but in my first published cookbook.

    • Hello Mr. Parson’s, I apologize. I wasn’t trying to take credit for the recipe and I must have forgotten to put the link. I basically review recipes for family and friends and I don’t have a huge following, as you can see. So I will definitely take this down.

      • If that’s your intention then just use the original photo and link back to the blog to get the recipe. Copying and pasting recipes from bloggers who make their living at harms their own sites in online search results. Sharing links helps the site. I’d encourage you to keep this in mind whenever you reference work from any site. Barry.

      • I am by no means a professional blogger and am making no money from this. I didn’t even think of the online search thing so this is a real lesson for me. I will be more diligent in the future. Thank you.

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