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Chipotle Chiles Tip

I tried a recipe from Whitewater Cooks with Friends, for Gussy’s Ribs and it called for 1 chipotle chili in adobo sauce but each can contains 7-8 I think. I did a fair bit of searching on the internet to see how long you can store them and I found this on one of the food blogs that I thought I’d share. Chipotle Chili’s in Adobo sauce storage according to Hormel is: “The recommended shelf life once the vacuum seal has been opened is conservatively 3- 5 days, stored in a plastic container in the refrigerator. Many consumers freeze unused portions for up to 6 months.” A great way to freeze them is to put each pepper in the cubes of an ice cube tray and seal with plastic wrap. That way, when you need one more, you can just pop it out! 

As for the ribs recipe, I added the juice and zest of a naval orange but I think it was way too much. I ended up adding a whole bottle of premade barbecue sauce the next day and I could still taste it. I am not a fan of using orange in savory dishes so I won’t be making this one again. I’ll stick with my Kansas City BBQ sauce.



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