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Frozen’s Elsa Birthday Cake

It was my daughter’s 4th birthday mid-month and we had a little party for her with two of her best buddies from daycare.  For weeks leading up to her birthday all she could talk about was having an Elsa birthday cake like the one she saw on Youtube. The person baked two cakes – one flat and one rounded and put them together to make the bottom of Elsa’s dress. Well we only had 7 people total at the party so I decided that much cake would be way too much. I modified the idea by making one bundt cake. I wrapped Elsa’s bottom half in plastic wrap, then stuck her in the hole of the cake, and wrapped her and the cake in blue fondant. It was my first time using this silicone bundt cake and my first time working with fondant. Things did not go as planned. First the cake stuck to the pan, and then I had a terrible time trying to roll out the fondant. It’s super stiff and my guy friend had to help me roll it out. It was still quite thick and I didn’t have the correct shape to go around the doll and cake properly. It was enough to make it look half decent in the front, and still made Miss M. happy and that’s what matters most. 🙂

The cake recipe can be found here. Just bake for 45-50 minutes and cool for 15 before unmoulding. Mine took closer to 55 minutes to bake and turned out very soft and moist. I left it upside down in the pan for over an hour. Could this have been a bad idea? Was it wrong to butter and flour a silicone pan. Any tips would be welcomed. The ladybug cupcakes turned out well though. You can see Miss M. decorated one  herself 🙂


I should have anchored her feet with some icing or something. So sad but I can’t help but think of the song “Lean Back”! lol


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