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Plans for Christmas


As I mentioned in an earlier post, we can’t go home to Newfoundland and Labrador for Christmas  this year. 😦 This will be my first holiday season that I won’t be spending with my family and I’m pretty bummed about it. The kids grow so fast, plus we have two new additions, a boy and a girl. The little boy Chase was born during our trip in November so I was pretty stoked about that but Little Grace was born last week so we haven’t had a chance to meet her in person, just enjoy the pics on Facebook. We will facetime with everyone on Christmas day so we can sort of join in on the festivities, at least via webcam.

Christmas in Labrador is not just a family affair but a community affair. Unannounced visits are the norm so homes are always packed with snacks and sweets for whomever drops by. Regional favourites include cloudberry pies and tarts, partridgeberry pies and tarts, raisin bread, boiled cake, chocolate snowballs, and more recently 5-star bars. My Mom always makes these “coffee congo bars” and my sister Nicole begs for them every year. There’s usually some no-bake cloudberry cheesecake as well. My birthday is also during the holidays so I get to choose the dessert and it’s almost always a cheesecake or cupcakes. For Christmas and New Year’s the main feast always includes roast Canada Goose. I’ll be missing out on a lot because I can’t get the ingredients here in Ottawa.

Here in the city, Steve and I are basically family-less. His mother is no longer with us and he’s an only child. All my family is back in Labrador so we’ll be having another holiday feast for three. (Except Miss M. only eats chicken fingers)! We did regular Canadian/American style Thanksgiving this year so I’ve convinced him to have a Labrador style Christmas, which is a huge lunch instead of dinner. Out of the things I would normally have back home, the turkey and Jigg’s Dinner with Pease Pudding are possible to make here, along with most of the desserts that don’t include local berries. So we’ve been gearing up! Steve bought a 4 kg (8.8 lb) bucket of salt beef last night! lol I’m making Mars Bar Squares and Miss M. and I are going to make sugar cookies for Santa. For newer recipes I think I’m finally going to try making a breakfast casserole in the morning, knowing full well it won’t all get eaten, and perhaps some Angel Biscuits. Another one I’m definitely going to try is a low and slow technique for roasting the turkey, that I found in Cooking Light magazine. We’re having prime rib for New Years so I’m going to try the same technique on the cut off beef as well. Stay tuned! I may have to take a pic of Steve taking his first bite of salt beef! lol


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