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Chicken and Leek Pie

Chicken and Leek Pie

This is the second recipe I’ve made from my Donna Hay New Classics cookbook and I am definitely impressed. As I’ve mentioned, I do not enjoy making pie crust. This one is all butter with the addition of parmesan cheese and yet again, it came out too crumbly and difficult to roll out. Maybe I don’t cut the butter in to the flour enough? Taste wise it was almost cracker-like and delectable! We used 6 cups of cubed, leftover turkey instead of chicken thighs in order to make use of the Christmas turkey (made this on Boxing Day). I am beginning to suspect that we converted from grams to pounds incorrectly because we were measuring cooked vs. raw poultry. The filling seemed a little too thick. We added a couple of sliced carrots as well. And I didn’t have a large pie plate so I used a casserole dish instead. I don’t think it makes any difference really except the crust was a little sunken in the middle and took longer to brown, but the flavour was fabulous! I did have some crust leftover which I used to make crackers, but I burned them. 😦 We were so busy stuffing our faces that I didn’t hear the timer and then I totally forgot about them until I went to the kitchen for something else and wondered why the oven was still on! lol Oh well. Next time Gadget. Oh and the recipe states this is 4 servings but I don’t believe it. Must be a typo. I cut it into 6 pieces and one of those serving will leave you stuffed, so keep this in mind. These would probably make really good little tarts for New Years Eve! Looking through a couple of other tart recipes it looks like 20-30 minutes baking time would work.

The pie is going in the all-star folder as well 🙂

1330_imagejpeg_5.jpg 1368_imagejpeg_6.jpg

Chicken and Leek Pie


1 tablespoon olive oil
6 x 150g chicken thigh fillets, chopped (about 1.5lbs)
40g butter (about 1.5-2 Tbsp)
2 small leeks, sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons thyme leaves
¼ cup (35g) plain (all-purpose) flour
2 cups (500ml) milk
sea salt and cracked black pepper
2 x quantities shortcrust parmesan pastry (see below)
1 x quantity eggwash (see below)

shortcrust parmesan pastry
2 cups (300g) plain (all-purpose) flour
1 cup (80g) finely grated parmesan
150g cold butter, chopped
1 teaspoon sea salt flakes
1 egg
1 tablespoon cold milk

1 egg, lightly beaten
2 tablespoons single (pouring) cream

1 To make the eggwash, place the egg and cream in a bowl and mix to combine.
2 To make the shortcrust parmesan pastry, place the flour, cheese, butter and salt in the bowl of a food processor and process for 1–2 minutes or until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the egg and milk and process for 2 minutes or until a smooth dough forms. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
3 Preheat oven to 180ºC (350ºF). Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add the chicken and cook, in batches, for 4–5 minutes or until golden. Remove from pan, set aside and keep warm.
4 Add the butter, leeks, garlic and thyme to the pan and cook for 7–8 minutes or until softened. Add the flour and cook for 2 minutes. Add the milk, salt and pepper and cook for a further 3 minutes or until thickened. Return the chicken to the sauce and refrigerate until cooled completely.
5 Roll half the pastry out between 2 sheets of non-stick baking paper to 3mm-thick. Line a 31cm-round lightly greased pie tin with the pastry. Fill with the chicken mixture. Roll the remaining pastry out between 2 sheets of non-stick baking paper to 3mm-thick. Place on top of the pie and trim the excess pastry. Brush with the eggwash and bake for 35–40 minutes or until the pastry is golden. Serves 4.


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