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Booo! High Cholesterol :(

My heath is really suffering since I started this new job. I’m gone for 10 hours a day, only get 1/2 hour for lunch so no midday walk, I get  home around 6pm and I’m just pooped. I don’t cook as much anymore and my daughter is so picky I have to make two meals pretty much every night so I end up eating her chicken fingers and hot dogs a few too many times than I care to admit. The doc tells me I need to get my act together and start eating better. I have until mid-September to bring my bad cholesterol down. Steve and I are going to try our best to start cooking from my favourite cookbook – “The New Way to Cook Light” from the publishers of Cooking Light magazine. It’s a James Beard winner to boot! The next two weekends I have to work during two summer festivals so I’ll be putting in 10 – 12 hour days and eating horribly I’m sure. But after that we’re getting on track. I think the first recipe we want to try is Chicken Shawarma. Stay tuned!



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